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What is Ypsi Real?

This is a movement. A movement that started with the people of the Ypsilanti Area. A pride that has created a sense of connectivity between independent businesses, tourism, economic development, government, community members, and beyond. It’s more than “community branding.” It’s a grassroots effort that we’re hoping you can help spread.

Here is Real History - Yankee Air Force

Here you’ll meet the talented, the fascinating, the proud. Artists with the room to create. Entrepreneurs with the freedom to risk. Students with the arena to question. History buffs with the opportunity to explore. Here, we value authentic conversation over created facade. We value passion over promotion. And we value uniqueness over the expected. Ypsilanti. We are unfiltered. We are authentic. We are… real.

How can you help?

Multiple ways. We would love for you to use and engage with the Ypsi Real brand. Own it. Become a part of it. Below are the steps you can take.

Spread on social media

Spread on social media

Use the hashtag #YpsiReal on any social media platform. We’ll do our best to retweet/promote/mention your post.

Join our community

Join our community

Here are some tools to help make Ypsi Real your own. This is our brand. It belongs to us and our community. We’ve made it easy to take ownership and share. You can download digital files, images, and more. We’re adding materials in the future so be sure and check back to see what’s new.


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