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EMU’s Lost Landscapes & Old Buildings

Present-day Eastern Michigan University has a history nearly as old as Ypsilanti’s. The school has evolved with the city it has helped to define, and be defined by, for over a century and a half. In that time, it has played a role not just in the life of the Ypsilanti, but in the lives of tens of thousands of students who have gone through the school and, for a time, called Ypsilanti home.

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Four Epic Outdoor Winter Activities in the Ypsi Area

Four Epic Outdoor Winter Activities in the Ypsi Area We want to inspire you to get outside and have fun – so you won’t find “snow shoveling” on this list! Read our picks, comment with your favorite activities, and get outside! 1. Take a weekly bike ride with Bike Ypsi Is your bicycle stashed away […]

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Valentine’s Events

Find the perfect date for you and your Valentine.

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Ypsilanti: What’s in a Name?

Ypsilanti: What’s in a Name? | By: Matt Siegfried “Ypsilanti” (ĭp′•sĭ•lăn′•tē) is a daunting name to pronounce for those unfamiliar with it. However, its very unusualness is central to Ypsilantians sense of the uniqueness of their community. How did a town in southern Michigan, known for many hundreds of years in Native Iroquoian and Algonquian […]

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9 Ways to Show Your #YpsiLove this Valentine’s Day

9 Ways to Show Your #YpsiLove this Valentine’s Day V-Day is right around the corner. Here is your guide to showing your local love to that special someone. If you have more ideas for our list, add your thoughts to the comment section! 1. Pick out an adorable gift at The Rocket’s Valentine selection Skip […]

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Romantic Getaway Packages

Plan a night out with someone special and escape for a romantic getaway.

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38th Annual Ann Arbor Folk Festival

Come Find Your Folk!

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DIYpsi Indie Art Fair

At the Riverside Arts Center on December 13-14.

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2014 Ypsi Area Holiday Events

Your mega-guide to the holiday season!

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