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Riverside Park Through the Seasons
September 22, 2016 by

Riverside Park is an Ypsilanti staple. From the riverside gazebo to the big Ypsi Real chair, there are endless spots to take in the beauty of the Huron River while taking a stroll through the historic park designed by the Olmsted Brothers (who are best known for designing Central Park in New York City).

Being one of the most photographed spots in town, we thought that we would give tribute to Riverside Park as it gracefully moves from one season to another.


During the summer, Riverside Park is filled to the brim with people attending huge summer festivals like Michigan Brewer’s Guild Summer Beer Festival, Michigan ElvisFest or any number of classic car shows. Aside from the huge events that Riverside hosts, it also hosts dog lovers, river dwellers, and fly fishers.

First morning run in months with this view to ease the pain 😎🌲🍃 #oxfordsummer

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This was one of the only successful attempts of today’s kite flying adventure. #goflyakite

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Let’s be real. Perfectly green leaves are great for laying under on a lazy summer day, but the showstoppers are the changing leaves that take our breath away every fall in Ypsilanti. Riverside Park has acres of trees waiting to impress its visitors. From bright yellows to deep reds, there is no better time to grab a hot coffee or cider and take a stroll through the changing trees.

Photo credit: @cederbee


While the thin-skinned may stay home under their blankets during the peak of winter, others embrace the cold and enjoy the snow! Riverside Park has a fantastic sledding hill for an afternoon of winter fun. With two unique bridges on either side of the park, it is still easily accessible to those who don’t mind the cold weather. Others might snap a photo of the picturesque park from a distance, when the snow has practically made the perfect Instagram post for them.

Not a bad view from the morning commute

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Photo credit: @ckbondie

Photo credit: @cederbee


Coming out of a Michigan winter is never easy. But when the grass is revealed in Riverside Park for the first time, visitors crawl out of hibernation to walk the formerly icy paths with ease. Flowers begin to bloom, and the river begins to flow. Spring has sprung, and the joggers, cyclists, and parents with strollers can rest easy knowing their favorite park is ready to be explored again.

Signs of spring from Riverside Park.

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Thanks to those who took the time to snap a photo and tag it with #YpsiReal. You can always send us a photo from your favorite spot in Riverside Park, (or any other park in Ypsilanti for that matter) on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!





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