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Rina Caldwell

Rina Caldwell

Hello, my name is Rina Caldwell. I’m a born and raised Ypsilanti native. That means Dom’s fresh donuts got me through late night cramming sessions in high school, and the Frog Island banks kept me sane through college. The community here is nurturing to all art forms and ambitions, making Ypsilanti an ideal town for the aspiring. I completed a B.A. in Language, Literature and Writing from Eastern Michigan University. While exploring new cities and unknown regions are a two of my favorite things, my deepest joy comes from writing about the misadventures I experience along the way. I like to pick up new skills to sharpen my experience of life, and I am currently soaking up the Ypsilanti love as I work.


Ypsi’s Hidden Gems #3 | A Little Something for Everyone April 24, 2015 by | Comment on this

Ypsi’s Hidden Gems #3 | A Little Something for Everyone | By: Rina Caldwell Around half of the world’s population lives in cities. In the U.S. many young professionals and recent grads spend their time analyzing and assessing which cities are most conducive to their desired lifestyles and future aspirations. Profitable and blossoming cities are […]

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