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Ypsi’s main business district referred to as “Downtown” spans either side of Michigan Ave at Huron.  Many restaurants, retailers and art shops are housed in historical storefronts and offer everything from delicious dining experiences to sweet glides for your feet.  Kids and adults alike can find plenty to enjoy.

A few blocks away, nestled next to the Huron River, you will find “Depot Town”.  Originally established to take advantage of the burgeoning railroad and river trade, Depot Town now takes advantage of those looking for a microbrew, a burger or perhaps a new ride to get you around town.  Among other things you will find a great bike shop, as well as, the last Hudson Dealership in the world in Depot Town.  The Farmer’s Market also sets-up in this part of town on Saturday through the summer.

Bridging the short distance between the Downtown District and Depot Town you will find stunning examples of Ypsilanti’s 19th century prosperity in the rows of Victorian-era mansions that overlook Riverside Park (link to Calendar?).  The mansions are now witness to the multitude of music, art and sporting events hosted each year at Riverside including car shows, the Michigan ElvisFest and Ypsilanti Heritage Festival.