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Highland Cemetery Tours

May 24 - 2:00 pm
943 N. River Rd
Ypsilanti, MI


Highland Cemetery Tours
Saturday, May 24- Monday, May 26

Tours start at 2:00 pm

Highland is an outstanding example of the “garden” or “rural” style of cemetery design, popular in this country during the 19th century. The garden cemetery movement sought to create tranquil places where visitors could find solace in the beauty of a natural setting. A masterpiece of landscape architecture, Highland’s rolling hills contain original plantings of oak, pine, cypress, willow, and cedar, making a natural habitat for wildlife.

Many old Ypsilanti names can be found at Highland, inscribed on headstones and monuments designed in Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Gothic, Victorian and American “Natural” architectural styles. Perhaps most notable of Highland’s monuments are the Starkweather Memorial Chapel, the Flowers and Quirk Mausoleums, the Soldier’s Monument and the Veteran and Unknown Soldier’s field. So join us in remembering our past and paying tribute to those who came before us this year at our Memorial weekend tours hosted by local historian, James Mann.